IGT Military Roster Administration System

Introduction to I.G.T.

Welcome to the realism unit Independent Gaming
 Tactics (IGT). Before you decide if you'd like to join us, I would like to take a few minutes to talk about our unit, how it came to be, what's different between us and other units for the Arma series, as well as some topics in which you'll need to progress. 

Community Values

We are part of a much wider community called the Independent Gaming Group, often abbreviated as IGG or IGGHQ and whilst not a clan, we define ourselves as a multigaming community, the Independent Gaming Group is a growing community of hundreds of members from over 36 countries, focused predominantly on the European Timezones. 

The Arma Series

The IGG began as a Arma Community, but quickly expanded into many more games. IGT's Outlaw Platoon was formed in 2012, we wanted to have realism-balanced-with-fun combat simulation to get our fix for solid teamwork and tactics. Whilst we hold ranks and take the unit seriously, being a member of IGT gives you the best of both worlds in a community unit dedicated to Arma, with the unique ability to 'zone out' and play other games with a wide range of like-minded people from around the community and the globe.


Military Simulation

At this stage, we would like to point out that IGT is not what we call a 'hardcore' military simulation group and by this we simply mean that we respect all members regardless of their rank or position but our senior ranking officers do not expect you to salute them or address them as 'Sir'. In the same manor your Drill Instructor is looking for the best out of you but they will not be shouting or screaming during your basic training!

  • We use aspects of real military structure where it applies realistically to us, what we don't do is get carried away with excessive rules, regulations and attempted recreations of full military regulations.
  • We are playing games here. You should be reading this with the intention to have fun by getting the very best out of the game - we strive for organized, disciplined fun. We are not trying to pretend that we are in the military - We are playing in a realistic way in order to have a good time as a community of friends.